Wondering where the herbs you buy from us are coming from?

Wondering where the herbs you buy from us are coming from? 

The majority of our kitchen witchin' culinary herbs and our medicinal apothecary herb sets are grown by US!

We utilize a third acre to grow organic culinary herbal delights, medicinal herbs, and our own fruits and veggies!

When we can't sustainably and ethically wildcraft from the surrounding land (or find it growing wild,) we attempt to grow it ourselves. If we need help getting enough stock for the year, we turn to our local organic small family farms and a few select non-local family farms if we can't find it local. 

Staying local and supporting small is sometimes hard and usually more expensive, but it's SO WORTH IT in terms of quality and the love and care put into the work that's done to provide it. 

I can vouch for the long hard days of work that come when you're growing organic (I'm looking at you daily weeding chores 😒)

We do still have to outsource some herbs and special requests, but we stick with reputable high quality businesses and as always, organic. 

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