Coffee Magic

Happy international Coffee Day! 

I see a lot of people talk about the little ways in which you can turn your morning cup of Joe into part of your daily rituals and practices.

But did you know, coffee has a very rich occult history with numerous accounts dating back to the dark ages? Alchemists have long prepared special witchy blends, where coffee beans have roasted in rituals with sacred herbs only to empower the magical energy of the coffee.

You can utilize the magical properties of coffee beans in more ways than just your morning ritual and which way you stir your brew. 

Coffee is great for: 

•Divination: Coffee grounds can be read in the same way that tea leaves are read

•Blockage Removal: Burning coffee can ward of bad spirits, nightmares and any blockage you experience. Bathe with a coffee scrub, coffee bath, or drink a coffee potion to remove energy blockages in your life, aura, or body.

•Boosts Spell Power: Add coffee to your spells to help them manifest better and stronger.

•Chakra Booster: Bathe with a coffee scrub or in a coffee bath to empower your chakras. You can also meditate with a coffee bean rested on or near your throat chakra to help empower it.

•Curse Removal: add coffee to an uncrossing ritual bath

Dispels Ghosts: Make a floor wash from brewed coffee 

•Hex Removal: Cleanse with coffee, brew coffee, practice coffee aromatherapy, or add coffee to your spells to break a curse.

•Luck: Brew coffee, pour it into your mug, and with a spoon, immediately scoop up and drink any bubbles that form on the surface.

•Nightmare Removal: Create a pouch filled with ground coffee beans and use it as an eye pillow to help remove nightmares.

•Scrying: Double or triple brew a dark blend and pour it in a black mug.  Take it to a quiet, dark space and light a candle.

Coffee is also a lust amplifier and can be used in spells to enhance libido, sexual activity and sexual luck.

Coffee can be much more than a drink that gives you a kick of energy in the morning. The bean it self has magickal properties and it’s stored energy can also be a tool for you in your everyday practice. 

How do you incorporate coffee into your practice?

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